Rug Cleaning Coolum Beach

Get The Marvelous Rug Cleaning Service In Coolum Beach

Carpet Cleaning Coolum Beach is glad for providing a wide rug range of cleaning services. The aim of our rug cleaning Coolum Beach professionals is to provide quality service. Our job is to look after the cleaning of the rug properly. So that you can see your rug brand new again. 

Rugs carry a lot of importance. Therefore their proper cleaning is necessary. You can rely on our staff. We are accessible 24 by 7. If you need the best ‘rug cleaning service near me’, then we are your last stop. You can reach us by dialing our 0731 865 652.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Rugs need proper maintenance and service. Here are some points which describe our cleaning process:

  • Firstly, we carefully inspect your rug and the fabric condition. Rugs are made up of many different fabrics. Each fabric needs a different cleaning condition. Here we inspect all the stains that we need to remove.
  • Afterwards, we vacuum clean the rug so as to remove the extra dirt. This in turn makes the cleaning process effective.
  • Furthermore, we pretreat the affected area with natural rug cleaning solutions. The neutral pH of the cleaning solution maintains the quality of the rug.
  • Then the professionals use a rotator scrubber to deep clean your rug. In this step, all the dust and stains are vanish.
  • Simultaneously water jets rinse away the dirt along with shampoo.
  • Finally, the wet rug undergoes dehumidification. No moisture is left behind. Also re-inspection is done to satisfy the customer’s needs. 

We Offer Residential Rug Cleaning Service In Coolum Beach

It is necessary to have rug cleaning at least once in six months. Our professionals give their best service to bring back the shine of your rug. Our steam cleaning service is famous in Coolum Beach. Even if you want to keep an eye on us, you can be there. We even provide free quotes during the service.

You can rely on us. In addition our services are low cost. Also, being a local rug cleaning company we know about all the locations. Hence we always reach on time.

Expert Rug Cleaning Service In Coolum Beach

Rug is one of the furniture that adds beauty to your house. Simultaneously, we can not ignore the spots and stains over it. To conserve your investment, proper maintenance is needed. Here are a few services we offer when you choose us.

  • Rug cleaning and protection- We use non toxic rug cleaning solutions which keeps your rug safe. In addition we apply safe sprays for future protection from stains.
  • Urine treatment- Many of us have little babies or pets at home. Their urine smells exhausting from rugs. Therefore we provide the best service to remove urine smell.
  • Rug underlay- In addition to cleaning, we also provide rug underlayment. We only use high quality rug underlay to resist your rug from slipping on the floor. Grab our bookings right now.
  •  Rug sanitisation and deodorization- There might be a lot of spills in your rug. This attracts many pests and bacterial growth. Thus not good for human health. Along with cleaning we also give sanitisation and deodorisation offerings. 
  • Pickup and delivery- If you do not want cleaning service in your home. Then we can take your rug to our place. Our service is very quick and affordable.
  • Moth treatment- During monsoon season rugs can be quite moist. This can lead to the growth of mould. Moulds can cause allergic reactions. Hence we larvae from your rugs and apply moth repellent spray.

The Stains We Remove From Your Rugs

There are many types of stains. If you have a white rug then it is very difficult to hide it. Hence professional care is a must. Here is the portfolio of satins that we remove.

  • Urine stains
  • Chewing gum spots
  • Blood streaks 
  • Tea or coffee spills
  • Spots of pets feces
  • Oil and grease marks
  • Food spills

Same Day Rug Cleaning Service

You can count on us. Since we are a local rug cleaning company, we are able to provide same day service. Our experts make use of high technology equipment which makes the work quick and effective.

No sooner did you see the stain on your rug than call us immediately. We are the most famous firm in Coolum Beach. You can ring us at our 0731 865 652

Reasons To Hire Our Rug Cleaning Service

  • We are available 24 by 7.  Also we have a flexible schedule you can hire us any time.
  • Being a truthful professional we do not charge any extra fees.
  • We are a registered rug cleaning company.
  • Our employees work with modern equipment.