Expert Curtains And Blinds Cleaners In Bardon

Curtains and blinds play a very important role in home furnishings. They upgrade the lifestyle and keep your house beautiful. But when they are not maintained, it can reduce their durability. They start developing moulds, odours, discoloration and allergens. Moreover, not all fabrics can be cleaned by water and detergents. 

Hence, turn to our professional team of curtain cleaning. With the right expertise and knowledge, we perform the best curtain cleaning in Bardon. We are quick with inspecting spots, stains and the condition of the curtains. And we use innovative techniques which are gentle towards curtains. The curtain and blinds cleaning Bardon team is capable of performing the best curtain cleaning process. Carpet Cleaning Coolum Beach is a renowned company. Our services are trusted in Bardon. Hence, you can also make quick bookings with us today. Call our customer service on 0731 865 652.

Different types of curtains and blinds 

  • Roller blinds 
  • Roman blinds 
  • Cellular blinds
  • Panel blinds 
  • Venetian blinds 
  • Drapes 
  • Pelmets 
  • Festoons 
  • Vertical blinds 
  • Sheer curtains
  • Tab top curtains
  • Window scarf curtains 
  • Pleated curtains 
  • Eyelet curtains 
  • Rod pocket curtains
  • Blackout curtains 
  • Grommet curtains 

Therefore, our team is specialised and experienced. Hence, they are aware of the different types of curtains and blinds. They know how to work with them as well. 

Curtain and blinds cleaning process we perform 

  • Our curtain cleaning process is very standard and simple. We start with a pre-inspection method. This involves investigating – fabric type, colour, texture, sensitivity of the curtains, intensity of discolouration, spots, stains and dust. 
  • Later on we come with a plan suitable for your curtains and blinds. There are different reliable methods to choose from. For instance – hot water extraction treatment, hand washing and deep vacuuming. 
  • Once the plan is discussed with the clients, we start with the cleaning immediately. We provide off site cleaning for curtains as well. And can proceed with on site blinds cleaning. 
  • Once the curtains and blinds are free from all the dirt and debris. We finish the process with a deodorising step. 
  • Therefore, your curtains are now as new as before. 

What makes our services a better choice in Bardon 

  • Vast experience – Our team has been working for years in Bardon. Hence, gaining the right experience and exposure for the field. 
  • Competitive pricing – Moreover, our prices are pretty reasonable. 
  • Timely services – And on top of that, our services are always on time. We also work on weekends and holidays. 
  • Updated machinery and products – We like to use only the latest products and equipment. This saves time and increases the effectiveness of the cleaning process. 
  • Eco friendly products – And also our products are eco friendly. 

Same day curtains and blinds cleaning in Bardon 

Yes, we now also provide same day cleaning services in Bardon. Our customer service is available all round the clock. Hence, you can book your appointment anytime with us. Once booked, our team will reach your place within a few hours. Therefore, you can sit back and relax. Our expert professionals will take care of the dirty curtains and blinds at your home. And if you wish to, we can clean curtains off site as well. Our team has the only goal of keeping our customers happy. And we will be glad to help you enhance the hygiene of your homes and offices. 

Hiring a professional curtain cleaning team is beneficial

  • Professional cleaners are trained. They undergo training before they start working. 
  • Hence, they are capable of performing a reliable and better cleaning service. 
  • Professionals use the right products which get rid of the toughest stains easily. 
  • Moreover, they have knowledge regarding harmful and non toxic chemicals. 
  • Therefore, your curtains and blinds won’t lose their quality and texture. But instead, the colour is revived. 

Curtains and blinds cleaning methods popular in Bardon 

  • Curtain dry cleaning method – Firstly, a specialized solution or powder is sprayed on the curtains. This dissolves all the dirt, grease and dust. Leaving behind no harmful stains. Hence, this enhances the look, quality, colour and texture of the curtains. It is a very reliable method. And it doesn’t need any time for drying as well.
  • Hot water extraction or steam cleaning method – It is a very popular method when it comes to cleaning upholstery. The process is done very efficiently by our professionals. We use heavy equipment which sprays steam onto the curtains. This doesn’t damage but treats the curtains patiently. Hence , your dirty curtains are revived within a few hours.